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Ecological Network

Ecological Network Maps

An updated PDF Document Ecological Network map identifies the hubs, sites, shoreline and riparian areas, parks, and corridors that comprise the network of ecological assets in Richmond. Ecologically valuable areas vary in size and land use characteristics, and have been identified regardless of ownership, as they support habitat for birds and wildlife, and provide critical ecosystem services. Much of the EN is located outside of the dike, or within the Agricultural Land Reserve, highlighting the importance of collaborative actions to manage the EN.

The PDF Document Ecological Network Strategy Areas map highlights the approach to guiding the application of the EN throughout the city. Strategy areas geographically characterize Richmond based on vegetation type, land-use and stewardship and development opportunities. The purpose of using Strategy Areas as the framework for EN application is four-fold:
  • To provide an overview of Richmond’s current ecological assets;
  • To identify and group areas of Richmond to focus future specific actions where most appropriate;
  • To tailor guidance on how the EN can be strengthened within different vegetation and land-use types within Richmond; and
  • To identify the unique conditions that pertain to the enhancement and enrichment of the EN in specific areas.