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Pollution Prevention

Contaminated Sites

In British Columbia, the regulations outlining the identification, investigation, and remediation of contaminated sites reside with the BC Ministry of Environment. The provincial Land Remediation website is your best source of information on all aspects of contaminated sites.

The provincial Environmental Management Act  requires that Local Governments take certain actions to facilitate the screening of properties for potential contamination. The process is triggered when the landowner requests certain types of Permits from the City, and there is a history of activity on the property that is likely to have led to contamination. The tool through which the Province screens these properties is called a Site Profile.

Site Profiles
The Environmental Management Act requires that a Local Government request a Site Profile from any landowner that requests a triggering permit for a property with a known or suspected history of Schedule 2 Activity.

Site Profile 
Also called a “Schedule 1”, this is a questionnaire that is included as a Schedule to the Contaminated Sites Regulation, and is available here. The Site Profile must be filled out by someone reasonably knowledgeable about the property. The Site Profile must be filled out completely, be signed and dated by the person filling it out, and be provided to the City at the time of application for the Triggering Permit.

Triggering Permit
The following permits are described in Section 40 of the Environmental Management Act as those requiring screening for a Site Profile: Rezoning, Subdivision, Development (including Development Variance), Demolition, and Soil Removal.

Schedule 2 Activity
Schedule 2 of the Contaminated Sites Regulation contains a list of activities that typically take place on commercial or industrial lands, and have been identified by their potential to cause contamination. Follow this link to see the list.

If there has been a history of Schedule 2 activity on your property, the City may be blocked from issuing one of the above permits to you until the Ministry of Environment has reviewed your Site Profile and provided the City permission to release the Permit.