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Energy & Emissions

Saving Energy at Home and at Work

Save Money – Improve Comfort – Curb Climate Change
Reducing energy use in homes and businesses is a key opportunity to address climate change, while saving money, and increasing comfort. The City is committed to helping our community make these improvements, and has launched Energy Save Richmond to help our community identify energy saving opportunities.

Richmond Carbon Marketplace
Reduce emissions, reduce costs, receive funding
The Richmond Carbon Marketplace is a pilot program that the City of Richmond (City) launched in June 2015, to support the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction projects in Richmond. Participants that complete a pre-assessment form and meet City and Provincial requirements may be able to access support funding.  The Richmond Carbon marketplace will hopefully provide Richmond organizations additional incentive to reduce energy costs and GHG emissions, and help stimulate local investment in increased energy use efficiency.

The Richmond Energy Challenge
A new program for Richmond Businesses, multifamily and commercial buildings
The City of Richmond invites commercial, multifamily and institutional buildings and businesses in our community to participate in the “Building Energy Challenge” – a fun, informative, and friendly competition to reduce energy use, and increase building management and operations staff’s skills in energy management. Read more here.

Why Undertake Energy Improvements?
Improving how our homes and businesses use energy can realize a range of benefits:

  • Reduced energy spending – A variety of cost effective energy improvements can reduce our energy bills.
  • Improved indoor comfort – Energy improvements can make our homes and workplaces more comfortable - warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and fresh air year round.
  • Economic opportunity – Energy improvements create jobs and economic opportunity.
  • Curb climate change – Deep energy improvements to existing buildings are our community’s single most important opportunity to reduce climate change pollution.