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Energy & Emissions

Community Energy and Emissions Plan

In January 2014, City Council adopted Richmond’s Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP), which sets strategies to manage energy use and reduce carbon emissions. In March 2017, the City published its second CEEP Update Report  summarizing the actions the City has taken to implement the CEEP and pursue Richmond’s Official Community Plan goals of reducing our community's greenhouse gas emissions by 33% by 2020, and 80% by 2050, relative to 2007 levels.

2015 CEEP Update Report - Energy Action in Richmond
2017 CEEP Update Report- Energy Action in Richmond
2017 Energy Action in Richmond Infographic

Check out the CEEP Video

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Energy Use in Richmond
In 2010, Richmond’s residents and businesses together spent $440 million on energy – roughly $2,250 per resident.  Richmond’s “carbon footprint” was equivalent to 900,000 tonnes CO2, or 4.5 tonnes per person annually. The CEEP describes how action on energy and emissions can reduce energy spending, and foster a healthier, more vibrant community. 

CEEP Actions
To reduce energy spending and emissions, the CEEP establishes 34 actions the City will take to reduce emissions from buildings, transportation, and solid waste.  These actions are projected to reduce Richmond’s emissions 25% by 2050.

Need for Breakthroughs
The CEEP also identifies “Breakthrough Opportunities”, which can drive the deeper emissions reductions needed to achieve the City’s goals over the coming decades, including a switch to electric vehicles, carbon zero new buildings, and deep energy upgrades to most of Richmond’s existing building stock. Richmond cannot achieve these breakthroughs alone – The CEEP concludes that all levels of government, the private sector, developers, contractors, and other members of Richmond’s community will need to act together to realize these reductions.

Check out the Community Energy and Emissions Plan.