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Transportation, Traffic & Parking

About Transportation, Traffic and Parking

In Richmond, Transportation Planning, Traffic Signals and Traffic Operations are the responsibility of the Transportation Department in the Planning & Development Division. Parking enforcement and towing permits fall under the jurisdiction of the Bylaws Department, in the Law & Community Safety Division.

Public Transit  is the responsibility of TransLink, the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority, an independent agency created by the Province in accordance with terms defined by Provincial Legislation.

Transportation and Traffic
Through the Transportation Department, the City provides policy directions that must meet the needs of both residents and businesses, while respecting the local environment.

With the provision of transportation facilities and services, the City utilizes a balanced approach that ensures that its transportation needs are met by integrating a network of roads, pedestrian walkways, bicycle lanes and paths, public transit systems, traffic control devices, traffic signs, and parking. The work involves the making of plans and designs for the City's traffic and transportation infrastructure, and the operation of a computerized traffic signal system to improve traffic flow on major roads.

Visit our Transportation Planning section to learn more about City planning for the different components of Richmond's transportation network.

Through the Community Bylaws Department, the City provides for a safe, orderly, and equitable distribution of the City's parking resources. Pay Parking, Parking Permits, Parking Tickets, and Towing Permits are among the responsibilities of the Community Bylaws Department.

Parking Tickets can be paid online on this website. See the Parking Tickets Payment Options page.

The City of Richmond's vision is to become the most appealing, liveable, and well-managed community in Canada. The parking enforcement program helps us achieve the liveable part of that vision by obtaining and maintaining compliance of our parking bylaws.

Public Transit
The City works in partnership with TransLink to provide Public Transit Services in our City. Please see the TransLink Bus and Skytrain Services page for information on routes and schedules.
TransLink recently completed the construction of the Canada Line rapid transit system (Skytrain) from Vancouver to the Airport on Richmond's Sea Island and into Richmond's town centre. Visit the Rapid Transit page for more information. 

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