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Traffic Safety Around Schools

STARS Activity 5

Activity 5:    Evaluate the Results

STARS - ArrowIt is important to evaluate how well your strategies have improved traffic safety around your school as this will help you determine their effectiveness and identify what improvements could be implemented.

Task 1:  Collect data.

  • Gather data similar to that collected in Activity 2.
  • Has the number of parents dropping off and picking up students decreased?
  • Is there a better driver compliance with school zone traffic regulations?
  • Hold a Speed Watch event to determine if there has been a change in the number of cars speeding through the school zone.
  • Have conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles been reduced?
Task 2:  Analyse the information.

  • Compare this data to the data you previously collected prior to the implementation of your strategy.
  • Has the problem been fully resolved?
  • Assess which strategies did or did not work and why.
  • Consider what you have learned and how you may need to revise some aspects of your strategies.  Your strategies should be flexible enough to accommodate changing circumstances.

Form Icon

  Evaluation Form

Task 3:  Communicate the results.
  • Inform your school and community of what you've achieved by including results and information in your school newsletter.
  • Recognition of any improvements should be documented so that new families, administration, staff and other unfamiliar with the previous traffic situation may appreciate the difference the strategies have made to the school community and neighbourhood.
  • Inform TSAC of your results and successes.
Task 4:  Celebrate!

  • Celebrate IconRecognise the efforts of your volunteers and let them know how much you appreciate their time and energy.
  • Identify volunteers at school events and in newsletters to show your appreciation for the work they are doing for the whole community.

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