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Traffic Safety Around Schools

STARS Activity 4

Activity 4:    Pursue External Strategies

STARS - ArrowIf your internal strategies did not fully resolve the problem, you may need to enlist the support of external agencies and develop a combination of internal and external strategies.

Task 1:  Prepare your presentation before your first meeting.

  • Ensure you can concisely describe the issue as well as your internal strategies implemented and their results to date.
  • Have you filled in all the forms?
  • Data, maps, survey results, and factual descriptions provide a more compelling presentation than random subjective observations.

Task 2:  Arrange to make a presentation to a meeting of the City of Richmond's
                Traffic Safety Advisory Committee (TSAC).

  • Contact the RDPA Traffic Safety Representative (who is a member of TSAC) to be put on the agenda of an upcoming meeting.
  • Following discussion of the issue, TSAC will advise you of the next actions or if further information is needed before a decision can be made.

Form Icon

  Presentation Checklist Form

Task 3:  Get support for your cause.

  • Inform your school contacts of the approved strategy and enlist the support of school neighbours and the community.
  • Submit a story to the local newspaper about what you are doing.

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