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Traffic Safety Around Schools

STARS Activity 3

Activity 3: Pursue Internal Strategies

Identify and implement internal, school-based solutions first. These strategies can be easier and less expensive to implement than external solutions that required outside intervention. More importantly, external agencies will require that you try to resolve the problem within your community first.

Task 1: Analyse the data to identify the real problem.

  • What does the data say about the traffic conditions around your school?
  • What are the observed traffic and pedestrian flows?
  • Where are conflicts occurring between pedestrians (particularly walking children) and vehicles?

Task 2: Develop strategies that will work for your situation.

  • Your PAC and school contacts may identify potential approaches.
  • Internet resources that may help:
  • Identify if the solution is internal (school-based) or external (requires intervention of outside agencies, such as the City of Richmond or Richmond RCMP).
  • Analyse each idea thoroughly to ensure an effective choice.

Solution Generation Form

Sample Solutions

Task 3: Develop an implementation plan.

  • Document the specific steps required for implementation.
  • Identify if external approval or agreement is required from outside agencies.
  • Implement internal strategies first before considering external strategies.
  • Determine how you will communicate your proposed actions and to whom. Is translation needed?
  • Direct your information in a format that is specific to your audience (e.g., newsletters for parents, fact sheets for teachers, information flyers for neighbours).
  • Assign specific tasks to individuals. Are more volunteers needed? What are the time commitments?
  • Determine when you will implement your solution.
  • Identify how and when you will evaluate the results.

Implementation Plan Form
Internal Actions Results Form

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