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Traffic Safety Around Schools

STARS Activity 1

Activity 1:    Form an Action Group & Identify the Problem

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Resolving traffic safety problems takes time and energy.  Most of all, it takes commitment.  Involvement of your school's PAC is essential to this process.

Task 1:  Gather volunteers interested in improving traffic safety around schools.

  • Discuss the formation of an action group at your school's next PAC meeting.
  • Invite interested parents, students and/or student council, teachers, administration, and others to join.
  • Make sure parents are aware of the initiative so that they can volunteer.

Task 2:  Record names and types of assistance the individual has offered.

  • Keep a contact list including name, position, phone, e-mail, and notes about what these individuals can contribute to your initiative.
  • The RDPA Traffic Safety Representative is your primary liaison to external community contacts via the City of Richmond's Traffic Safety Advisory Committee.
  • Inform your school contacts (e.g., principal and vice-principal) of your action group and let them know that you may ask for their assistance.

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  Contact List & Skill Sets Form
  Problem Identification Form

Task 3:  Informally document the problem.

  • Spend a morning and afternoon observing the traffic situation around your school.
  • Briefly describe the problem and how it effects students.
  • Identify any actions that have been tried to date and their results.

Task 4:  Schedule regular progress meetings.

  • Identify the topic of the next meeting.
  • Determine the tasks that need to be carried out before the next meeting and which members will be responsible for each task.
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