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Getting Around

Public Transportation

Routes & Schedules
For Information on public transit schedules and routes see, or call 604-953-3333.

Service Delivery
TransLink, the BC South Coast Transportation Authority, oversees regional transportation planning, administration of service contracts with subsidiary companies and contractors, the management of capital projects, financial management and planning, public affairs and supporting business functions.

TransLink delivers transportation through the following subsidiary companies: Coast Mountain Bus, SeaBus, SkyTrain, and West Coast Express.

Maintenance and improvement of the Major Road Network is done in partnership with the municipalities.
Coast Mountain Bus Company services operate throughout Richmond.

Rapid Transit
The Canada Line rapid transit system opened in the fall of 2009. This line carries people between Richmond, Vancouver International Airport (YVR), and Vancouver’s Waterfront Centre in 25 minutes or less. The automated light rail technology has added almost 19 km and 16 new stations to the region’s growing rapid transit network.

Today, the Richmond corridor contains 20% of the region's population and one-third of the jobs. Over the next two decades both population and employment will continue to grow.

More information on Canada Line is available on our website at Richmond Rapid Transit: Reports and News.