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Recycling & Garbage

Richmond Recycling Depot

Address and Hours of Operation
DepotAddress: 5555 Lynas Lane
(Travel west on Westminster Highway from No. 2 Road and turn north on Lynas Lane)

Hours of Operation: Wednesday to Sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:15 p.m.
(Closed on Monday, Tuesday and Statutory Holidays in 2016 - New Year's Day, Good Friday, Canada Day, Remembrance day, and Christmas Day.)

Services available the the Recycling Depot

  • Residents and business operators can drop off 1 cubic yard of recyclables and 3 large appliances at the depot per day.
  • Residents can purchase rain barrels, backyard compost bins, Garbage Disposal Vouchers and/or Garbage Tags.
  • Residents can pick up free recycling resources such as Blue Box (standard or large size), yellow Mixed Paper Recycling Bag, grey Glass Recycling Bin, Blue Cart indoor collection bag, Green Can decals, brochures and other information materials.

Garbage Cart and Green Cart Exchange
Please note that garbage carts and green carts exchange are not available at the Recycling Depot. To request an exchange, property owners are asked to call the Environmental Programs line at 604-276-4010 or email Garbage and Recycling.

Accepted Products
(Please see on-site Depot Attendant for assistance to unload your recyclables.) 

Items What to Recycle How to Recycle 
Aerosol & spiral wound  cans & caps
  • Aerosol cans for food, air fresheners, shaving cream, deodorant, hair spray
  • Spiral would cans & metal lids for frozen juice concentrate, cookie dough, nuts, coffee, baby formula, etc.
  • Empty cans
  • Remove food residue

(large and small electrical/battery operated appliances)
  • Dishwashers, washing machines, stoves, ovens, microwaves, fridges, freezers, vacuums, hair dryers, toaster ovens, etc.
  • Visit ElectroRecycle for a complete list of accepted products
  • Remove doors from fridges and leave Freon gas system complete 
  • Remove all food residue, liquids or vacuum bags
  • Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd)
  • Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)
  • Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
  • Nickel Zinc (Ni-Zn)
  • Small Sealed Lead Acid (SSLA/Pb)
  • Lithium Primary
  • Alkaline (AA, AAA, 9V, etc.)
  • Used books
Cell Phones
  • Including batteries
  • Any size, make, model or age
Cooking Oil and Animal Fat 
  • Limited to hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated food-based oils and fat only
  • Drop-off limit of two 5 litres containers
  • Bring animal fats or grease and/or cooking oil in food cans or other suitable containers
Corrugated Cardboard
  • Clean corrugated boxes and pizza delivery boxes
  • Ensure boxes are flattened, plastic packaging or Styrofoam are removed
Exercise and Hobby Machines
  • Treadmills, elliptical / cross trainers, cycling machines
  • Visit ElectroRecycle for a complete list of accepted products
Glass Bottles and Jars
  • Glass bottles and food jars (clear and coloured) 
  • Rinse clean and remove all lids or caps
  • Residential use only
  • Fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), light emitting diodes (LED), halogen and incandescent lights, high intensity discharge and other mercury containing lamps
  • Visit LightRecycle for a complete list of accepted products
  • Handle fluorescent lights carefully
  • Wrap lights in paper or place them in original packaging

Note: Max. limit for return at one time is a total of 16 tubes and 16 bulbs

  • Glossy catalogues, flyers and magazines
  • Remove plastic covers
Metal Food & Beverage Containers
  • Tin & aluminium cans
  • Steel cans & lids (food, dog food, cookie tins, etc.)
  • Aluminium foil & foil containers (foil wrap, pie plates, food trays, baking & roasting pans)
  •  Remove food residue
Metal Items
  • Bike frames, clean 45 gallon drums (open at one end), clean automotive parts, clean barbeques, lawn chairs, lawn mowers, steel coat hangers, steel or lead piping
  • Electrical wire
  • Ensure non-metal attachments and fuel tanks are removed and drain out any gasoline
Mixed Paper Products
  • Boxboards, envelopes, junk mail, non-glossy flyers/inserts, office paper, paper egg cartons, paperback books, telephone directories
  • Ensure materials are flattened, remove all foods scraps, metal attachments, plastic liners or tabs
  • All newspapers, non-glossy flyers/inserts  
  • Do not bag or bundle
Paints, Solvents, Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Gasoline and Flammable Liquids
  • Household paints (max 18.9 L or 4.9 gal)
  • Paint aerosols (max. 660 g or 24 oz)
  • Domestic pesticides (max. 10 L or 2.6 gal)
  • Flammable aerosols (max. 660 g or 24 oz)
  • Flammable liquids (max. 10 L or 2.6 gal)
  • Gasoline (max. 25 L or 6.5 gal)
  • Visit ReGeneration for a complete list of accepted products
  • All acceptable flammable liquids/aerosols must have a flammable symbol or warnings such as "Keep Away from Open Flame or Spark"
  • Only domestic pesticides labelled with  a "Pest Control Product" registration number (e.g. PCP Reg. #2464) are accepted
  • Gasoline must be returned in approved Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) containers
Plastic Containers

  • Beverage containers, dairy containers and milk jugs, detergent bottles, food containers, shampoo bottles
  • Plastic garden pots & trays
  • Plastic tubs, jars & lids
  • Plastic drink cups
  • Ensure all materials are rinsed, labels are removed and flattened (if possible)
Plastic Grocery Shopping Bags and Plastic Overwrap
  • Clean plastic or opaque plastic bags for groceries, dry cleaning, bread, newspapers and flyers
  • Clear bags for produce and dry bulk foods
  • Frozen vegetable bags
  • Pre-washed salad bags
  • outer bags for diaper and feminine hygiene products
  • Outer wrap for paper towels, tissues and other bulk paper products and soft drink flats, water softener, salt wood pellet and garden product bags
  • Overwrap on mattresses, furniture and electronic equipment
  • Ensure paper receipts are removed
Sewing, Knitting and Textile Machines
  • Embroidery, punching, sewing, knitting, quilting, serger and overlock machines
Styrofoam (White and Coloured)
  • Packaging foam
  • Take out containers
  • Foam plates
  • Meat trays
  • Drink cups
  • All materials must be clean and free of contaminants
Tin and Aluminium Cans
  • Aluminium foil, clean aluminium pie plates, food and beverage cans
  • Ensure all materials are rinsed, labels are removed and flattened (if possible)
Tools - Power

(electronic and electrical)
Yard and Garden Trimmings
  • Limbs or trunks up to 10 cm or 4 in. in diameter only
  • De-bag all materials at the Depot


Richmond residents can drop off one cubic yard for free. Charge of $20.00 per cubic yard if over limit

Commercial operators are charged $20.00 per cubic yard

Products Not Accepted
Following is a list of products not accepted at the Richmond Recycling Depot. For alternative disposal information see one of the following three options:
  1. Call the Recycling Council of BC 604-732-9253 or visit their recycling directory
  2. Visit Metro Vancouver recycling directory
  3. Visit Recycling and Disposal Options

Products Not Accepted at Richmond Recycling Depot

  • Antifreeze and empty containers
  • Asphalt
  • Automotive batteries
  • Baby car seats
  • Carbon monoxide (CO), smoke and combination smoke and CO alarms
  • Electronics - computers, monitors, printers, mice, fax machines, laptops, televisions
  • Food scraps
  • Furniture - wooden tables, chairs
  • Gypsum Drywall
  • Hypodermic needles
  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Propane tanks
  • Rocks, sod and soil
  • Soft plastic such as cellophane wrap for tea, floral arrangements, kitchen plastic wrap or stretch wrap for meat, poultry, fish or cheese; zipper-lock bags; potato chip or snack bags; plastic shipping envelopes; plastic bags labelled compostable or biodegradable; multi-layer or laminated plastic packaging, e.g. for bacon, deli meats, cheese slices etc.; plastic bubble packaging; lumber or construction wrap
  • Styrofoam packing chips or peanuts or foam noodles; blue or pink foam board insulation
  • Thermostats
  • Tires
  • Toys (electronic and electrical)
  • Window glass