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Commercial Building Guidelines

Recycling and Disposal Options

Certain items cannot be disposed of in the regular garbage and must be recycled or disposed of through an alternative method. Many of the materials can be recycled. Options for recycling include:

  • Pick-up by private companies - Contact the Recycling Council of BC at
    604-732-9253 or visit for information and referrals to recycling service providers and reuse opportunities.
  • Drop-off at depots - Many materials are accepted at the Richmond Recycling Depot (5555 Lynas Lane) or depots operated as part of Provincial Product Stewardship (Take-Back) Programs.
  • Material exchange - The Recycling Council of BC has a materials exchange program that matches businesses having materials to dispose of with businesses that can make use of those items. Visit for more information.

In addition, Metro Vancouver offers a directory of reuse and recycling services.  See Metro Vancouver Recycles for more information.

Drop-off Options for Materials Banned from Garbage Disposal

Materials Drop-off Options
Beverages containers with deposits,
milk and milk substitute containers
Various depots.
Hotline: 604-732-9253
Cardboard     Richmond Recycling Depot
Phone: 604-276-4010
Computers, printers and televisions Various depots.
Hotline: 604-732-9253
Flammable liquids and solvents With restrictions at Richmond Recycling Depot:
Gasoline         Maximum 25 litres at Richmond Recycling Depot:
604-276-4010. Hotline for other options: 604-276-4010
Paints, stains and paint aerosols     Maximum container size 20 litres of household-grade products only at Richmond Recycling Depot:
604-276-4010 Paint contractors:
Large volumes of aerosol cans:
Lead acid (car) batteries     All retail locations accept a used car battery for each new battery purchased. Hotline for other options:
Medications (pharmaceuticals) Drop-off locations. Hotline: 604-732-9253
Metal and glass food and beverage
Richmond Recycling Depot: 604-276-4010
Paper, newsprint, directories
and magazines
Richmond Recycling Depot: 604-276-4010
Pesticides Maximum 10 litres at Richmond Recycling Depot:
604-276-4010. Hotline for other options: 604-732-9253.
Plastic food or beverage containers
numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5    
Richmond Recycling Depot: 604-276-4010
Vehicle tires     Drop-off locations information line:
Yard and garden trimmings     Richmond Recycling Depot (charges apply):
604-276-4010, Ecowaste Industries Ltd.,
Hotline for other options: 604-732-9253

An up-to-date list of banned materials can be obtained from Metro Vancouver's website see Banned Materials.