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Commercial Building Guidelines


For Loading Containers
Space design must allow for adequate access to the containers for loading garbage and recycling.

Loaded from top, recycling carts generally require a minimum added clearance height of 81 cm (32 inches) for container lid opening.

Bins 3 to 5 cubic yard in size that are loaded from the top require a minimum added clearance height of 1 metre (39 inches) for the container lid opening.

Service providers can assist with other measurements.

Where there is security (for example, containers are located within a secured parking area or locked room), security access codes or a device must be provided to the tenants and the collection company.

Access Routes and Turning Radius
The access route must be designed in such a way as to allow a collection vehicle to enter the site, collect the garbage or recycling, and exit without the need to back up on to a public road. A turnaround area allowing for a three-point turn of not more than one truck length or a drive-through access route are acceptable options for accommodating this requirement.

Collection truck generally require a turn radius of 18 metres (59 feet). Consult with a service provider when designing access routes.

Truck Measurements
The dimensions of collection vehicles must be accommodated in the design of commercial properties. The following table presents approximately dimensions only; consult a service provider to confirm their vehicle requirements.

Typical Truck Dimensions
Length Approx. 10.7 metres (35 feet)
Width Approx. 2.7 metres (9 feet)
Height Clearance Approx. 6.3 metres - 7.3 metres (20-24 feet)
Width Clearance Approx. 4.0 metres (13 feet)
Length Clearance Approx. 15.2 metres (50 feet)
Courtesy: City of Vancouver

Cardboard Recycling and Garbage Collection Truck Measurements

The size of the collection trucks and the manner in which they collect materials differs. Please contact service provider to discuss.

Recycling Cart Collection Truck Measurements
Some collection trucks lift and empty recycling carts at the side of the truck, others lift and empty carts at the back of the truck.