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Garbage Services

Garbage Cart Program

Garbage Cart Program
With Richmond's biweekly Garbage Cart program, residents with curbside garbage collection use a City-provided garbage cart. Recycling is collected weekly, and garbage is collected biweekly (every other week) on the same day.

Townhomes with private garbage collection, this information may not apply. Please contact your strata or property manager for information. 

What Goes in the Garbage? Not Much!
What goes in the garbage (2016)The more we recycle, the less we need to throw in the garbage. The following are examples of some remaining household items that go into the garbage.

- Diapers & baby wipes

- Broken ceramics & broken glass

- Plastic cling wrap

- Plastic cutlery

- Chip bags & candy wrappers

Please note that there are also some hazardous materials and other household items that must be taken to drop-off locations for safe disposal. Visit "Prohibited Materials Drop-Off" for more information.

Garbage Cart Tips

1. One cart per household - carts are provided by the City and annual fees for curbside garbage collection are based on cart size.
2. Biweekly garbage pick up - place garbage at the curb by 7:30 on your collection day, every other week. Visit "Collection Schedule" for details.
3. The free Richmond Collection Schedule App - for weekly reminders about your curbside collection, download the Richmond Collection Schedule app at the Apple or Android app stores.
4. Additional Garbage

  • Garbage Tags and Garbage Disposal Vouchers are available for purchase at all City facilities. For address and phone number, visit "Extra Garbage Disposal Options" for more details.
  • Large Item Pick Up Program - Curbside pick-up of mattresses, furniture, etc. See "Large Item Pick-Up" for details.

 Garbage Cart Exchange

  • $25 cart exchange fee.
  • Garbage carts are not available for exchange at the Recycle Depot
  • To request an exchange, residents are asked to call the Environmental Programs line at 604-276-4010 or email Garbage and Recycling

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