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Public Spaces

About Public Spaces Recycling

We’re proud of our City, and our public spaces recycling and litter management programs help to keep Richmond clean and beautiful. These programs also make it easy for residents to recycle whether they are at home, or on the go. Here's how you can help keep Richmond looking its best:

  • Look for Richmond's "Go!Recycle" bins to recycle your plastic and paper products when you're out in the community
  • Report illegal dumping and preventing litter
You’ll find more information on Richmond’s innovative use of partnerships to help fund public spaces recycling programs, growing use of recycling at events and tips to help prevent litter using the links below.

2016 About Public Spaces Recycling

Report Illegal Dumping
Go!Recycle around Richmond
Litter Prevention and Clean-Up

Let’s Trim Our Waste. Recycling is one way we show pride in our community and the importance of protecting our future. By taking ownership of the need to reduce our waste and making a commitment to recycle, we’re part of the solution for waste management in our region. City programs like public spaces recycling, Green recyclingBlue recycling and Recycling Depot drop off programs make it easy and convenient to help turn waste into new products and valuable resources. Residents can also help by recycling products like electronics, tires and batteries using industry take back programs. Richmond is working with community members and its partners throughout the region to divert 70% of waste from the landfill by 2015, and every resident plays a role in achieving this goal. Together, we can make change happen.