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Public Spaces

Go!Recycle Around Richmond

With Richmond's new public spaces recycling program, there's a growing number of recycling bins throughout the community to make it easy and convenient to recycle while on the go.

DelfinWhen you're out in the community, look out for Richmonds "Go!Recycle" bins to recycle your plastic and paper products. The opportunities to recycle on the go will continue to grow as Richmond expands its public spaces recycling program. 

Go!Recycle Public Spaces Recycling Program Background Information
Richmond's newest public recycling program started as a pilot project in 2011. It was the first public-private partnership initiative of its type in British Columbia and was very successful in helping to establish a model for public spaces recycling. The program revealed increased recycling and reduced overall waste generation in the study area (Steveston, Hugh Boyd, etc). Over 80 containers were installed as part of the pilot with specially-designed instructional and promotional signage.  This program allowed the City to test different styles of collection containers for effectiveness in diverting waste for recycling. The City piloted 4 different styles of containers and conducted a pre and post implementation waste audit of the individual pilot area, with the following results:

  • 35% reduction in overall waste generated (1,422 kg baseline audit vs. 928 kg post-implementation)
  • 27% reduction of recyclable beverage containers in the garbage
  • 29% reduction of recyclable containers in the garbage
  • 9% reduction of total recyclables (including fibre and containers) in the garbage
  • The pilot was most successful in Steveston village, where total recyclable containers in the garbage decreased by 41%. Total recyclables (including fibre and containers) decreased by 12%.

Another very successful aspect of this program was the promotional branding – “Go!Recycle” which will be a key identifier going forward as we expand our public spaces recycling program. The lessons learned and results of this pilot program will form the basis of consistency in container design, graphics and branding as we move to expand the program throughout the City in a graduated fashion.

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