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Recycling at Community Events

The Go!Recycle Event Recycling program makes it easy and convenient to plan an environmentally sustainable event. The City provides convenient resources, such as recycling stations and garbage carts rentals and collection services, to make it easy for event organizers to keep the venue clean and recyclables out of the landfill. Common materials generated at events such as bottles and cans, paper, cardboard, rigid plastic containers, paper and plastic cups are banned from the garbage and must be recycled. Recycling at events helps turn waste into resources and supports Richmond’s goal to divert 80% of waste out of landfills by 2020.

The City requires recycling and waste management at all events. Event organizers are responsible for making arrangements to ensure there is sufficient recycling and garbage bins and that the site is kept litter free. Following links describe event organizer's responsibilities for recycling and waste management, discuss convenient resources and services available from the City, as well as other useful tips and resources.

Helpful Links and Resources
Recycling Council of BC - 604-732-9253
Recycling Depot
Bottle & Return-It Depot
Metro Vancouver - Materials Banned from the Landfill