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Recycling & Garbage

Recycling & Garbage
Recycling and Garbage Services Overview
Tips for Fall Leaves and Pumpkin Disposal
Food Scraps Disposal Ban
Collection Schedule
Richmond Recycling Depot
Garbage Services
About Garbage Collection and Schedule
Garbage Cart Program
Items not Accepted
Extra Garbage Disposal Options
Large Item Pick Up
Schedule Large Item Pick Up
Frequently Asked Questions
Paper, Plastics, Glass & More
About Blue Recycling
Expanded Recycling Program
Blue Box Recycling
Blue Cart Recycling
Beverage Containers Cash Back
Food Scraps & Yard Trimmings
About Green Recycling
Green Cart Delivery
How to Use the Multi-Family Green Cart Program
Green Cart Pilot Survey
Multi-Family Green Cart Program
Multi-Family Green Cart Program - Information for Property Managers
Curbside Green Cart Recycling
Maintenance and Recycling Tips
Yard and Garden Trimmings Drop-Off
Composting at Home
Frequently Asked Questions
Alternative Disposal Options
About Drop Off and Take Back Programs
Where Can I Take It?
Prohibited Materials Drop-Off
Banned and Prohibited Materials
Community Outreach
About Community Outreach
Free Community Workshops Schedule
Partnership Programs for Cleaner Schools
Public Spaces
About Public Spaces Recycling
Report Illegal Dumping
Go!Recycle Around Richmond
Litter Prevention and Clean-up
Recycling at Community Events
Event Organizer Responsibilities
Rentals and Services Application Form
Recycling and Waste Management Plan Worksheet
Solutions for Successful Event Recycling and Waste Management
Tips and Resources
Guidelines for Buildings
Commercial Building Guidelines
Storage Facilities
Containers for Garbage
Containers for Recycling
Key Strategies
Recycling and Disposal Options
Multiple-Family Building Guidelines
What's New
Temporary Change for Labour Day Holiday
Tips to Reduce Our Waste this Holiday
Recycling and Garbage Collection Over Easter Holiday
Recycling and Garbage Collection Over Victoria Day Holiday