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Winter & Severe Weather Response

Residents Guide to Winter Weather

Get Ready for Winter
From ensuring your vehicle is equipped with snow tires to stocking eco de-icer to securing loose objects on your property, you can take steps to make winter weather easier on you.

How to Prepare 
Your vehicle

  • Install good winter tires on your vehicle.
  • Check that all lights and defrosters are in good working condition.
  • Replace windshield wipers with ones especially designed for icy weather.
  • Top up your vehicle’s reservoir with winter window wash fluid.
  • Check your battery—a vehicle with a weak battery won’t start in cold temperatures.
  • Throw a windshield scraper and brush in your car, as well as a bag of sand, flares, emergency blanket, warm clothes and waterproof boots. Small shovels are also handy.
  • Keep your gas tank topped up.
  • Leave earlier—adjust your schedule to allow more travel time, particularly during commutes.
  • Check your route and our Snow Removal Route Map to take advantage of the first priority snow clearing.

For more information, see Ministry of Transportation.

Your property

  • Locate and clean catch basins in the roadway in front of your home of debris such as fallen leaves, branches and snow.
  • Clear out leaves from your roof’s eaves and ensure appropriate drainage near your house to prevent puddling.
  • Secure everything that might be blown around or torn loose–flying objects such as garbage cans and lawn furniture can injure people and damage property.
  • Trim dead branches and cut down dead trees to reduce the danger of these falling onto your house during a storm.
  • Do you have a good snow shovel by your door? They sell out fast during snow days.
  • Store a de-icer product–and spread it on your walkways after ice forms to give traction; organic and ecologically safe de-icers won’t corrode concrete and are safer for vegetation, pets and children.


  • Hire a student or use a volunteer service if you have physical or health limitations to shovel your walkway and drive.
  • Have an emergency kit on-hand that includes a flashlight with batteries, glow-in-the-dark stick lights, wind-up clock, portable radio, manual can opener and Mylar blanket.
  • Stock drinking water (one gallon per person per day), dry and canned food and first aid materials.
  • Stock up on prescribed medications.
  • Stock up on additional blankets, in case of prolonged power outages.
  • Know how to manually override your electric garage door.
  • If you live in a secured building, know which exit door to use during an outage.
  • Be smart and dress appropriately–hat, gloves and warm, waterproof footwear are necessary for all outdoor activity.
  • Develop an emergency plan with your family to identify where each member should go if getting home is not possible because of weather conditions.
  • Familiarize yourself with school, daycare and employer snow policies.
  • If you are not already a regular transit user, identify transit routes and schedules–and pre-purchase transit fares; you’ll be ready to hop on a bus if the weather turns nasty.
  • Visit for emergency kits and plans.

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 During a Snow Storm

  • Shovel early and often—new snow is lighter than packed or partially melted snow.
  • Please, do not shovel snow onto sidewalks or the roadway—this is a hazard to pedestrians and to vehicles.
  • To avoid clearing your driveway twice, pile snow on the left side (facing your house). This can minimize the amount of snow pushed back into your driveway by snowplows.
  • Avoid parking on the road if a storm is forecast or after a storm. Parked cars on the designated routes can impede the ability of snowplow drivers to do their job. As well, parked cars on narrow streets combined with accumulated snow and icy conditions are a potential hazard and leave less room for travelling vehicles to manoeuvre.
  • Avoid driving and other travel until conditions have improved.
  • If you must travel, use transit whenever possible. Richmond’s bus routes are the first priority for snow clearing and major bus stops will be cleared by City crews as a second priority.
  • Before you start driving, remove all accumulated snow from your vehicle's windows and lights; remove snow from your car hood and roof to prevent it from blowing onto your windshield or from affecting other motorists while you drive.
  • For your safety, stay back a minimum of 15-metres from a snow plow.
  • Clear the snow from any fire hydrants in front of your home in case of an emergency.

After a Snow Storm

  • Clear snow from around the catch basins and along the gutter adjacent to your home to accelerate snow melt and reduce the risk of flooding.

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Your Responsibilities
Richmond business property owners and stratas of residential multiplexes are responsible for clearing snow and ice from the sidewalks that surround their property by 10:00 a.m. every day. Property owners who fail to remove snow and ice as required by the bylaw may be subject to a fine. 

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Be a Good Neighbour
Does your elderly neighbour need help clearing a sidewalk? The Good Neighbour campaign encourages everyone to clear the walkways around their property, and help others who can't. All you have to do in this neighbour-helping-neighbour program is simply watch for people in your neighbourhood that could use help removing snow from their sidewalks and driveways and ask if you can lend them a hand.

Be a Good Neighbour Publications

PDF Document "Be a Good Neighbour This Winter" Poster

Snow Angels
Snow Angels are volunteers willing to provide voluntary snow removal assistance to the elderly or persons in need during major winter storms. Snow Angels are able to help clear sidewalks, walkways or driveways of community members in need.

Need a Snow Angel?
For assistance during a snowfall event, please contact the nearest Snow Angel Coordinator.  There is a Snow Angel Coordinator in each community area.  When contacting your Snow Angel Coordinator, please keep the following in mind:

  • The intent of the volunteer Snow Angels program is to provide assistance to individuals with health or mobility challenges who are negatively affected by a heavy snowfall. Please do not call the groups mentioned above if you are an able-bodied resident.
  • There is no guarantee that services can be provided. Snow Angels are dependent on resources, the severity of the storm, the number of volunteers available and the priority needs of other callers.
  • Requests for assistance should only be made in the event of a winter storm, with an accumulation of 5 or more centimetres of snow.
  • If possible, please contact the Snow Angel Coordinator nearest to you in advance of a snowfall event so that they can arrange resources to assist you in a timely manner.
Pick-Up and Delivery of Groceries and Medication
Snow Angels do not pick-up or deliver medication or groceries, however most of the larger pharmacies and grocery stores do provide this service.  Please contact your nearest pharmacy of grocery store for assistance.

How to become a Snow Angel
If you or your organization is interested in becoming a Snow Angel, please contact the Coordinator, Parks Programs at 604-247-4453.

Snow Angels Publications

PDF Document 2016-2017 Snow Angels Coordinator Contact List

PDF Document Snow Angels FAQ

PDF Document "Be a Snow Angel this Winter" Poster

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Private Snow Removal Services
Service contractors or community members and individuals who offer private snow removal services and who respond to an Expression of Interest issued by the City in the fall, are listed below:

Contact Name Number Alternate Number
B&C Lawns & Gardens Ltd.           604-813-7714 (Ed)
Clean Cut Landscaping 604-644-7710 (Chris)
Dhillon Bros. Paving 604-839-5531 (Jag) 604-339-9510

Direct Line Commercial 604-253-1135 1-888-201-LINE

Fraser Valley Snow Removal 604-575-3877 (Duane)
GB Bobcat & Excavating Services 604-583-0040 604-275-2180
Hudson Irrigation 604-817-4605
Kokanee Enterprises Ltd. 604-240-2068 (Ron)
Matsumura Landscaping    604-277-9096     604-880-0891 (Ronen)

Available daytime only
Richco Contracting Ltd. 604-290-5587 (Rich)
Safe Guard Contracting Ltd. 604-580-1275 604-462-9558 (Cory)

604-318-0349 (Shane)

604-340-8657 (Al)
SSL Enterprises Inc. 604-833-2103
Tatsuki Services Ltd. 778-386-6668 (Adrian)  
Thomas Trucking 604-250-5351 (Bob)
West Pacific Landscape Ltd. 604-992-3158 (Kevin) 604-710-3009

How to get on this list:

Companies wishing to add their contacts to this list should send an email to

Companies and individuals listed here are not affiliated with the City of Richmond and they charge for their services. The City has not screened or qualified the services offered, and reference herein to any specific commercial product, process or service by trade name, trademark, service mark, manufacturer or otherwise does not constitute or imply endorsement, recommendation or favouring by the City. If you choose to contract a private service, please check they have appropriate insurance coverage and are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

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Heavy Rains
Richmond property owners can help by clearing nearby stormwater drains of leaves and debris or snow and accumulated sand. You should also check your property to ensure adequate drainage so that rainwater and snow melt does not cause pooling.

Materials for sandbags are available at the Public Works Yard, 5599 Lynas Lane, during heavy rain events. For more information, contact the Public Works Yard at 604-244-1262.

For more information on flooding preparations, visit the Emergency Preparedness.

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Wind Storms or High Winds
Seasonal storms often bring heavy rain and high winds to the Lower Mainland. Severe winds can bring down trees and branches, causing power outages, road closures and traffic disruptions.

Wind warnings are issued for most BC coastal regions when sustained winds of 65 km/h or greater, or gusts of 90 km/h or greater are expected.

During periods of high winds, and in particular during power outages, please stay off the roads. If you must travel, give yourself extra time since street lamps and traffic signals may not be working.

Remember your traffic safety rules: an intersection normally controlled by signal lights during a power outage becomes a four-way stop. Always stop at a darkened intersection and proceed with caution.

To report fallen trees on City of Richmond property (streets, parks, etc.), please call Public Works at 604-244-1262.

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Important Contacts
To report problems on City property, please call Public Works at 604-244-1262.  For other emergency contacts see Who to call in an Emergency.