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Winter & Severe Weather Response

Weather Readiness Overview

Whatever the winter weather, the City of Richmond is ready to respond. Public safety is our primary concern and to that end, we conduct a rigorous annual maintenance program to ensure as much as we can that infrastructure and equipment won’t fail at critical moments. Our annual preparations — from stockpiling salt and sand to winterizing our fleet to clearing debris from storm water drain outtakes — helps us meet whatever Mother Nature throws at us.

During storms, the department ensures all major roads are cleared and sanded so that emergency vehicles (ambulance, fire trucks and police), public transit and private vehicles are able to travel key routes. We endeavour to accomplish this task in the most cost-effective manner possible, while still maintaining a high level of service to the public.

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To view view current weather and road conditions around the city, visit  Greater Vancouver Traffic Conditions and  visit the Weather Office website for forecasts and current conditions.

About Our Weather
Richmond has experienced more extreme weather conditions in recent years, possibly due to global warming.

Ordinarily, Richmond enjoys a temperate west coast climate, with little to no snowfall accumulation most winters. The average winter temperatures are 7º C high, 1º C low. Our average annual rainfall, 1,112.6 mm (43.8 in), is 30 per cent less than the City of Vancouver. However, our coastal environment makes Richmond more susceptible to fog and frost. 

Because weather across Lulu and Sea Islands can vary significantly and change quickly, the City continually monitors conditions of the entire area to ensure a speedy and appropriate response.

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