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Survey Control Standards and Benchmarks

On June 1, 2008 the City of Richmond introduced the new 2008 Engineering Design Specifications, which specifically includes New Survey Control Standards.  A copy of the new Specifications may be purchased at the front counter of City Hall.
City of Richmond Design Specification 2.4 - Survey Control, (page 2-2)

The City of Richmond has adopted Metro Vancouver's High Precision Network of Monuments (HPN). Any survey related work in the city shall be based upon the HPN monuments. Elevations on intermediate ISA UTM marker tablets do not conform to the HPN monument values. Intermediate ISA UTM monuments may be referenced as secondary control benchmarks but all data must be tied to a minimum of two HPN monuments.

Metro Vancouver HPN monument information is available upon request at the front counter, 1st floor of City Hall and can also be accessed on the Provincial Government GeoBC  website.

The City of Richmond Survey Department can provide Secondary Benchmarks on-site for a fee of $150. For more information, please contact the Survey Department at (604)244-1220.

Click on the link to view the City of Richmond Benchmark Locations Map and the Benchmark Request Form.

PDF Document  Benchmark Locations Map 
PDF Document  Benchmark Request Form