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Construction Projects

Gilbert Road Sewer

Gilbert Road Sewer
Metro Vancouver’s Gilbert Road Sewer transports the majority of Richmond’s sanitary sewage to the Lulu Island Treatment Plant. In 2013, Metro Vancouver began a major project to upgrade the regional sewer line by constructing a second sewer line adjacent to the existing pipe. Once complete, the project will facilitate future maintenance, provide increased conveyance capacity to minimize backups and accommodate future growth in Richmond.

 Construction of the first section of the project, extending south from Metro Vancouver’s Bridgeport pump station to the intersection of Gilbert Road and Elmbridge Way is complete. Metro Vancouver advises that construction on Gilbert Road will be completed in multiple phases beginning in 2018.

Map of Gilbert Trunk Sewer

The Metro Vancouver project team will provide regular and timely construction information through fact sheets, newsletters, email, on-site signage and Metro Vancouver's website.

Metro Vancouver Notices / Factsheets

3-Jan-17 Gilbert Road Sewer Upgrade Fact Sheet - January 2017
Metro Vancouver Project Contact Information
Community Liaison Officer
A Metro Vancouver Community Liaison Officer (CLO) has been assigned to this project whose duties will include communicating with the public regarding safety. In addition, Metro Vancouver will have a full-time site inspector on the project whose duties will include monitoring construction and public safety.

Phone: 604-432-6200  (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)
(Please include “Gilbert Road” in the subject line)
After-Hours Emergency: 604-451-6610

Web Updates
For additional information on this project, or to sign up for project updates, please visit Metro Vancouver's project webpage.