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Roads, Dikes, Water & Sewers

Dike Maintenance and Irrigation

The City of Richmond maintains a 49 kilometre dike network. The dikes and irrigation programs are managed by the City's Roads and Construction section in accordance with the Provincial Diking Authority requirements. Irrigations programs are coordinated in consultation with the farming industry.

Dike Facts

  • The City of Richmond is not like New Orleans which is below sea level, Richmond on average is 1.0 metres above sea level. The dikes protect the City during high tide and high water situations. When the tide is low there is no threat of flooding
  • Dikes are built well above the highest flood of record in 1894.
  • Richmond City Council had the foresight to create a dike utility in 2005 which is a source of dedicated funding for dike upgrades.
  • The City monitors the river water levels electronically on a 24/7 basis.
  • The City has the ability to dispatch public works to respond to any emergency on a 24/7 basis.
  • The City has proactive engineering operations and maintenance programs.
  • The City has a vast flood prevention system which includes approximately 600 km of drainage mains, 39 pump stations, 320 km of ditches/canals/sloughs.
  • The City has numerous mobile generators to power pump stations in the event of a power outage.
  • The City completed regular dike upgrade capital programs.
  • The City has developed a long term flood management strategic plan.
  • The City is in the process of updating our flood plain management bylaw.

Residents who are concerned about possible flood risks should consult the Emergency Preparedness section of this site. For more detailed information see Flood Protection in Richmond.  Also see Flooding for information about what to do if a flooding emergency occurs.

Provincial Maps and Information

Note: The spelling of the word "dyke" or "dike" varies depending on the source. Both spellings are correct. In Richmond many of our legal and historic documents pertaining to dykes use the spelling with a y. You will also sometimes see the other spelling used depending on the information source.