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Roads, Dikes, Water & Sewers

About Public Works

Among the many services the City provides, the Engineering & Public Works Division is responsible for the ‘hidden’ services that we have all come to rely on as part of our daily lives, whether at work or play. Otherwise referred to as the City’s infrastructure, these services include:

  • Ensuring that we have clean and safe water.
  • Maintaining a separate system of underground pipes to collect the sewer or waste water.
  • Maintaining our dike system.
  • Providing the pump station houses located at various locations along the dike.
  • Providing and maintaining the City’s roads, sidewalks, street lights, signage and lane markings.
  • Providing other key services including street cleaning, and the design, construction and maintenance of City buildings.

Our Engineering section plans, designs, and oversees construction of new roads and related underground services, including local improvements. Our Public Works section ensures these services are constructed and maintained at high standards. Qualified staff are on call 24-hours a day to respond to service problems.

The Engineering & Public Works Division works closely with all departments to achieve Richmond's vision to be the most appealing, livable and well managed community in Canada.Engineering & Public Works Crew

Whether you can see it or not -
you can trust it is working.

If you have questions about our services or to report problems call:

  • Non-emergency Service Centre line during business hours at 604-244-1262 or the
  • 24 hour emergency Dispatcher at 604-270-8721

To request inspections for Servicing Agreements and Damage Deposits, complete an online request. You may also refer to the Contacts section of this web site.

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