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There are a great many information resources and online services available on this website for property owners in Richmond. The links on this page will help you find some of the content on this site that could be of interest. Links are broken down under the following topic headings:

Tax and Utilities Payment Information

City Services for Residents

  • Water Quality
    Find out about Richmond's water quality programs and what you should know about your water.
  • About Recycling & Garbage
    This is the intro page to the Garbage and Recycling section. Browse the links on this page and the fly out menus in the City Services main menu to view the pages on this topic.
  • Purchase Garbage Tags & Vouchers
    Pay for extra item disposal online, or find out where to buy tags & vouchers in person.
  • Recycling & Garbage Collection Schedule
    View our collection schedule online to find out when your garbage and recycling will be picked up. Watch for changes due to statutory holidays in the Recycling & Garbage News Releases.
  • Local Area Services Program - EN-B-3 (This content is being updated)
    This is a neighbourhood improvement program paid for by the owners of the properties benefiting, with some financial assistance from the City.
  • Report a Problem Request a Service
    Use this form to report non emergency concerns regarding your property services and utilities or problems in your neighbourhood like street lights out or pot holes. In case of an emergency call the City of Richmond 24 Hour Call Centre at 604-244-1262.

Street, Sidewalk and Ditch Maintenance

  • Watercourse Crossing
    A property owner may be able to legally infill a City watercourse by installing a culvert by way of a) Local Area Services Program or b) Watercourse Protection and Crossing Bylaw No. 8441. Find out more about Watercourse Crossing.
  • Snow Removal
    It is the responsibility of the owner or occupier of all industrial, commercial or multi-family residential buildings, to remove all snow and ice from the sidewalk, for a distance that coincides with the property line by 10:00 am, of any day, except Sunday. Find out more about snow removal.
  • Street Sweeping
    The City of Richmond Roads Department conducts an annual street sweeping program . Temporary no parking signs are erected in areas to be cleaned two days before crews carry out the work. See details
  • Weather Readiness
    Winter and severe weather response - How the City prepares, how you can prepare, your responsibilities as a property owner, and severe weather advisories.

Landscaping Gardening and Watering

  • Landscaping
    Find out why property owners should not cover any City Services (i.e. water shut off, sanitary sewer and storm sewer inspection chambers).
  • Gardening Workshops
    Workshops on composting, and waterwise gardening are offered by the Recycling section for more information email Garbage and Recycling at
  • Also see Water Restrictions , Noxious Weeds, Pesticide Application, and Boulevard Maintenance under Property Violations below.

Property Bylaw Violations

  • Unsightly Premises
    An unsightly premise is characterized by the excessive accumulation of rubbish, filth and discarded materials on a property.

Environmental Concerns

Residential Issues

  • Secondary Suites
    Zoning for secondary suites, borders and lodgers, reporting illegal suites.
  • Fencing Regulations
    When a fence is required, and restrictions on fencing.
  • Home Based Businesses
    Licencing, zoning requirements, and reporting a problem.
  • Boulevard Maintenance
    Covers property owner responsibilities for upkeep the boulevard fronting their property and how landscaping impacts on public safety.
  • Signage on City Property
    Restrictions and permits, and reporting a problem.
  • Tree Removal Permits and Applications
    Outlines procedures for applying for a tree removal permit. The Tree Removal Bylaw safeguards trees on private and City property from being unnecessarily removed, killed, substantially cut or damaged.

Geographic, Zoning and Land Information
Zoning information must be obtained from two sources. First find the property in the Richmond Interactive Map. You can search by address or other property identifiers. The property will be highlighted in the map and property details will display, as well as a link to the appropriate section of our Zoning Bylaw.

  • The Richmond Interactive Map (RIM) is available online.
  • Customer Service Centre
    At the Customer Service Centre at City Hall you can:
    • Use a computer to access the Richmond Interactive Map.
    • View and purchase building plans and survey certificates if available.
    • View bench mark and elevation books.
    • View B.C. Assessment microfilm to find: assessed value of property, owners name and legal description.
  • Address Information
  • Single Family Lot Size Policy
  • Rights of Way
  • Residential Redevelopment along Richmond's Arterial Roads
    information to Richmond residents, property owners and developers about residential redevelopment along major roads (called arterial roads) in the residential areas of Richmond. (City Council, in August 2004, directed staff to review the Arterial Road Redevelopment and Lane Establishment Policies. For information on this ongoing policy review, please contact the Development Applications Department.)

Information for Building and Construction

Development, Rezoning, Subdividing

Protecting your Family in the Home

  • Home Hazard Hunt
    Part of the Emergency Preparedness information package, see Public Safety for more information.
  • Personal and Home Safety
    Excerpts form the RCMP Crime Prevention and Safety section, see Public Safety for more information.
  • Home Fire Safety
    Excepts from the Fire-Rescue Fire Prevention section, see Public Safety for more information.
  • PDF Document Emergency Facilities Map
    Locations of Fire Halls, Police Stations & the Hospital

Protecting your Business and Employees

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