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City Services


Water Crew at Work on PipesPlanning and design of the City's built environment and the construction and maintenance of the City's infrastructure are key components to developing a world class city and maintaining a livable environment for its citizens.

Design of the City's infrastructure must be guided by a vision of the City's future and an eye on public safety sustainability and environmental concerns.

Richmond residents and businesses rely on the City to ensure that the infrastructure services are available and maintained.

Whether you can see it or not -  you can trust it is working.

We invite you to browse this section of this website to obtain information on basic City services such as permits & licences, water and sewerage, garbage collection, road construction, and transportation services. You will also find land and property information here. Also visit the Planning, Building & Development and the Sustainability & Environment sections in this website for related information. See the City Hall section for Taxes & Utilities.

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