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Property Bylaw Violations

Unsightly Premises

What is an Unsightly Premise?
An unsightly premise is characterized by the excessive accumulation of rubbish, filth and discarded materials on a property. Unsightly premises are also characterized as those properties tagged with graffiti or have the presence of overgrown vegetation, including long grass.

How Does the City Regulate Unsightly Premises?
The City regulates the upkeep of properties, as outlined in the Unsightly Premises Regulation Bylaw No. 7162. This bylaw states: "an owner or occupier of real property must not allow such property to become or remain unsightly or cause or permit rubbish, noxious, offensive or unwholesome matter or substance, filth or discarded materials to collect or to accumulate on or around such property."
To view, print or download the full Bylaw Notice, please refer to Unsightly Premises Regulation - Bylaw No. 7162 in our Bylaws: Chapter List section.

To report an unsightly property, please see the Report a Problem page.

Also see our Graffiti page to find out about City initiatives to prevent and remove graffiti from private and public property and about our Graffiti Hotline.