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Property Bylaw Violations

Graffiti Hotline

Graffiti is Everyone's Problem.  
Graffiti is costly for taxpayers when it damages public property, and the cost of cleaning graffiti off of business property is passed on to the customer. Graffiti when unchecked can significantly impact the appearance of neighbourhoods and the quality of life in our community.

The City, through the Graffiti Hotline at 604-270-8721, is taking the lead role in coordinating the reporting and removal of graffiti on City-owned properties. The City will remove graffiti from City-owned property when it is reported. Everyone is encouraged to report graffiti.

In the case of private property the City regulates the upkeep of properties in the Unsightly Premises Regulation Bylaw No. 7162. See City Bylaws for more information or contact a Bylaw Assistant to report a problem on private property at 604-276-4345.

How to Report Graffiti?
In addition to using the Report a Problem page, Graffiti can be reported through our Graffiti Hotline at 604-270-8721.

If you suspect an act of producing graffiti is in progress call the RCMP at 911.

For more information about Graffitti see our brochure:

PDF Document Graffiti Information - CS-B-4

Everyone is encouraged to report graffiti.