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Environmental Concerns

Noxious Weeds

Each year the City of Richmond, with the support of the Provincial Government, runs a Weed Control Program. The program focuses primarily on preventing the spread and eliminating Canada Thistle.

Canada Thistle is a noxious weed in British Columbia because it is capable of infesting crops and significantly decreasing crop yields. In residential areas it can create a neighbourhood nuisance. As well, large infestations deter livestock from feeding on areas in pasture, resulting in a loss of valuable agricultural land.

The Unsightly Premises Regulations Bylaw No. 7162 ensures that Canada Thistle, a noxious weed, is controlled and eliminated within the City. For bylaw information see City Bylaws.

To report the growth of Canada Thistle in your neighbourhood, please complete the online Customer Feedback form.

For more information on Canada Thistle please see the BC Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Fisheries website.