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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Notifications

Richmond BC Alert
Richmond BC Alert is an emergency notification system that sends notifications in the event of an actual emergency. If you live in Richmond, stay in the know and have the up-to-date information you’ll need during an emergency. It’s completely free and you can receive messages by email, phone, SMS and fax.

How to Register
Richmond residents and businesses may register up to six phone numbers, two email addresses, one SMS text and one fax number for each local address. 

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How IT  Works
When an emergency occurs, voice or text messages will be sent to all registered contacts in the impacted area. Evacuation notices, emergency instructions, direction to emergency reception centres or shelters, and information on family reunification will be among the messages that could be sent out during an emergency situation.

Other Information Sources
Richmond residents and businesses that follow Twitter are also encouraged to follow the City’s dedicated emergency Twitter feed @RichmondBCAlert.