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How the City is Preparing

Reception Centres

During an emergency, the City may establish a reception centre to assist evacuees in the affected area. A reception centre is any safe gathering place, such as a community centre, church, or hotel conference room where individuals may obtain information and receive assistance.

Prior to any reception centre opening to the public, city staff will undertake an evaluation of the building to ensure it can be safely occupied and used as intended. Trained staff and volunteers will then open and manage the reception centre.

During an emergency, tune your battery-operated radio to CBC 690 or your local radio station to find out when and where reception centres have been opened. To find out what other supplies you should have on hand for emergencies visit the Before an Emergency section of this website.

When a reception centre opens, individuals can gather at this location to re-connect with family members and have access to temporary shelter. Our Emergency Social Services Team will interview and assess individuals RC 1to determine what further assistance is required and make arrangements for temporary services, such as meals and lodging. The services provided at a reception centre are those considered necessary to meet the basic temporary needs of individuals who have been displaced by an emergency or disaster.  These include:

Primary Services
  • food
  • clothing
  • shelter
  • family reunification
Secondary Services
  • childcare
  • pet care
  • personal services
  • volunteer services
  • first aid
  • transportation