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How the City is Preparing

Emergency Plans

Emergency Management Organization
Establishment Bylaw
The Emergency Management Organization Establishment Bylaw No. 7898 establishes the City of Richmond's emergency management organization that is responsible for guiding the development and maintenance of the Emergency Plan and Emergency Management Program and is at all times responsible for the direction and control of the City's response to a major emergency.

Emergency Management Plan
The City's Emergency Plan provides overall direction to guide the City's actions to prepare for, respond to and recover from major disasters. The plan identifies the key hazards which threaten our community, priority actions to be taken by threat, roles and responsibilities of staff and key response agencies responsible for managing the City's response and recovery from disasters.

To support the Emergency Management Plan, hazard-specific and departmental plans are often developed.  These plans provide more detailed information such as staff and volunteer callout procedures, forms and templates and detailed site procedures.  Examples of these plans include:

 Emergency Management Plan

spill plan

Dangerous Goods Spill Response Plan
The Dangerous Goods Spill Response Plan is a threat-specific plan outlining the strategy for addressing dangerous goods spills and pollution incidents in the City of Richmond.

Dangerous Goods Spill Response Plan