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Police Services Review

Police lightsAs Richmond continues to evolve and Council plans for the future, it undertook a study to evaluate best approaches to ensure police services would meet local needs and  priorities. To accomplish this a comprehensive review of police services took place between 2013-2015. As a result of that review, Council identified two options for the delivery of police services in Richmond:

  • continuation with the current service provided by the RCMP, or
  • establishing an independent Richmond police force.

Before making their decision, Council wanted to hear from stakeholders and the public in Richmond about the topic, and the City undertook extensive public engagement from January to April 2016.

The consultation results were provided to Council for the April 11, 2016 Special General Purposes Committee followed by a Council meeting, wherein the decision was adopted to remain with the current service provided by the RCMP, while continuing to  seek to achieve improvements  in the provincial policing contract.

The motion from the April 11, 2016 Council Meeting is as follows:

Council reflected on the results of the survey and outlined key findings from the report.  It was moved and seconded

1) That the report titled “Police Services Review Public Consultation Results,” dated April 1, 2016 from the Senior Manager, Corporate Communications and the Senior Manager, Community Safety Policy and Programs be received for information;

2) That the current consultation process with regards to the ongoing Police Services Review, be considered complete;

3) That staff be directed to:

a) consider with Council periodic surveys and consultations regarding ongoing police services;

b) work with the local detachment, as well as various government partners at the local, provincial, and federal levels to further enhance the existing police services both in the City and the lower mainland, including the possibility of a local police board for Richmond;

4) That a copy of the staff report and the consultation report be sent to the other Metro Vancouver RCMP cities, the Solicitor General, the local MLAs and local MPs; and

5) That the other Metro Vancouver RCMP cities be invited to participate in initiating a discussion on the possibility of regional policing.


Public Consultation Materials
A summary overview, discussion Guide and other background materials are online at

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