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Delete Day
February 26, 2014
Richmond Students say “Delete it” on anti-bullying day February 26.

PDF Document Delete Day Instructions

McMath Secondary students will be asking their classmates to be “Upstanders” tomorrow in their anti-bullying assemblies during Pink Shirt Day.  This isn’t just about one day of the year for these students it’s about standing up against bad behaviour every day.

Students will participate in assemblies at the school put on by students where they will be encouraged to delete negative messages on social media. They are calling it “Delete Day”.  The message from students is that they have the power to control what they put on in social media.

Cst. Stuart Gray Richmond RCMP Youth Section has been spearheading this campaign for Richmond he describes what students are asked to do.

DELETE Hurtful Posts on Social Media Sites
DELETE Embarrassing Pics from Social Media Sites and Devices
DELETE APPS that encourage anonymity
DELETE “Friends” who aren’t really Friends

Cst. Gray says “we are encouraging the student to become better cyber citizens.”

Youth Squad
PDF Document Richmond RCMP Youth Squad Poster
PDF Document Richmond RCMP 2013 Youth Squad Application

The Richmond RCMP Youth Section balances their time between education and enforcement. Youth officers are assigned to high schools and deal with files involving students at school during school hours or to/from school. They are often called to assist with investigations involving youth that occur outside of school hours.

On the enforcement side, Youth officers work within the Youth Criminal Justice Act to hold youth accountable for their actions. Youth caught breaking the law can be referred to the Richmond RCMP Youth Intervention Program (YIP), where they receive clinical counseling, or Restorative Justice , where they participate in a Community Forum. Repeat offenders, or more serious offences are referred to Crown Counsel with charge recommendations.  

On the education side, Youth officers teach D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) to grade 5 students in Richmond. Youth officers also make presentations to students on a variety of topics, including Policing, Law, Internet Safety, Gangs, Drugs, etc.

The Youth officers are also involved in Richmond RCMP programs, like Positive Ticketing (finding kids doing something right), Adopt-a-School (each elementary school is assigned a police officer who visits regularly), and our OnSide Program (police officers taking kids to a professional sporting event). These programs all work to provide positive contact between the RCMP and Richmond youth.