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Crime Prevention

Restorative Justice

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This program is coordinated by Touchstone Family Association through a Memorandum of Understanding which was signed by Richmond RCMP and Touchstone Family Association in January, 2004.

The Richmond Restorative Justice Community Program operates two models conferencing: 1) Community Justice Forum and 2) Community Accountability Panel.

Community Justice Forum
A Community Justice Forum brings together those affected by an incident where a child or youth has admitted guilt for committing a criminal offence. Conferences include the victims, offenders, their support persons, witnesses and the referring police officer. Trained facilitators assist the participants in building an agreement that addresses the harm and holds the child or youth accountable for their actions.

Community Accountability Panel
A Community Accountability Panel (CAP) is a conferencing model utilized when victims are agreeable to a restorative justice approach but are unable to directly participate in a meeting with the offender. The CAP consists of a Chair and Co-Chair. At the CAP, the Chair is responsible for introductions and explaining the purpose of the meeting. The Chair and Co-Chair will then aim to build trust and a relationship with the young person, getting to know them as a person, and bringing the parent and/or guardian into the discussion as well. Following this, the Chair will get the youth's story about what happened, getting as much information as is necessary to paint a picture of what occurred.

The Co-Chair will then move the discussion to the harm stage, where the youth will be asked to discuss who was harmed, in what way each person was harmed, and how he or she intends to address the harm in each case (suggestions passed n by the victim prior to the conference can also be discussed at this stage). The Co-Chair will then assist the youth in creating an agreement that contains all of the conditions and reasonable deadlines, and ensures that the youth and their family and/or supporters understand what must be completed. Everyone signs the agreement and receives a copy. In closing, the Co-Chair will address any other outstanding issues, needs, requests for information, etc.

This program has been funded by the City of Richmond since January, 2008.

Contact: The Richmond Restorative Justice Program at Touchstone Family Association: 604 279-5599