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Crime Prevention

Auxiliary Constables

RCMP Horse and Rider

We are now recruiting Auxiliary Constables.  For more information, please see our Recruiting page.

The purpose of the Auxiliary Constable program is to strengthen community and police partnerships by providing citizen volunteers with the opportunity to perform authorized activities in support of strategies to address the causes of, or reduce the fear of, crime and disorder.

The mandate of Richmond's Auxiliary Constables is to support community police activities relating to public safety and crime prevention within the City of Richmond. 
Auxiliary Constables in Blue Serge
Richmond's RCMP Auxiliary Constables are uniformed volunteers under the command of the Richmond RCMP Detachment's Officer-In-Charge, Supt. Rendall Nesset. Auxiliary Constables have peace officer status when on duty and under the supervision of a regular member of the RCMP. They are authorized to operate police vehicles in a non-operational role, and do not carry firearms.

The primary focus of Richmond's Auxiliary Constables is to work at community and special events, provide traffic control, and participate in crime prevention programs.

Additionally, Auxiliary Constables are authorized to accompany Regular Members on patrol and can perform other police functions under both general and direct supervision; such as office duties, special events, property checks, traffic and crowd control, gathering information and assisting with minor reports, and assisting Regular Members at emergency call-out and disaster response situations. 

Auxiliary Constable in yellow jacketCommunity Policing Activities
Some of the ongoing community policing programs and activities supported by Auxiliary Constables in Richmond include:
  • Block Watch
  • Coastal Watch & Marine Patrols
  • Home Security Checks
  • Pedestrian Safety Campaigns
  • Public Safety Talks
  • Youth Academy
  • Foot, Bike & ATV Patrols

Auxiliary Constables with bikesRichmond's Auxiliary Constables also participate in several annual events including:

  • Community Centre Festivals
  • Ships to Shore
  • Steveston Salmon Festival / Canada Day
  • Heart & Stroke Big Bike Ride
  • Santa Claus Arrival & Steveston Parade
  • Halloween
  • Remembrance Day Parade
  • New Years Eve

The Auxiliary Constables wear the uniform of the RCMP; with differences that clearly identify Auxiliary Constables from Regular Members of the RCMP.

The Auxiliary Constable uniform does not have a yellow stripe on either the trousers or the hat, and the RCMP shoulder flashes have the wording "Auxiliary/Auxiliaire" on the bottom. All outer gear, including vest and jacket, also has "Auxiliary/Auxiliaire" displayed on both the front and back.

Auxiliary Constable with child in PCAuxiliary Constables are trained to assist regular RCMP Members, follow their lead and direction, and will assist in any situation.

Auxiliary Constables must complete a basic training program that consists of approximately 300 hours of physical and theory-based training, covering many subjects, such as: Law, Criminal Justice System, Federal and Provincial Offences, Powers of Arrest, Professionalism & Ethics, Tactical Communications, Police Procedures, Community Policing Programs, Community Presentation, Traffic, Evidence Protection, Domestic Disturbances, Hand Cuffing and Arrest Techniques, Self-Defence, Officer Safety Training and Drill & Deportment.

As well, ongoing training is provided to all Auxiliary Constables to ensure their skills and knowledge are kept current.

Contact Us
For more information on the Auxiliary Constable Program in Richmond, please contact the Program Coordinator:

Steve Ilott
RCMP Auxiliary Constable Coordinator
Phone: 604-207-4852