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Vehicle Theft Prevention

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Lock Out Auto Theft!
Secure your vehicle night and day.

Visit the Richmond RCMP's Criminal Activity Maps for auto theft prevention tips.

Auto Theft is a crime of opportunity and is preventable. Always lock your vehicle doors. Remove items from your vehicle and you will avoid the cost and time spent on vehicle repairs and the replacement of your stolen items.  If you must leave something in your vehicle, make sure it is locked up in your trunk before you arrive at your final destination or take your item(s) with you.

GPS (Global Positioning Systems) are commonly stolen from vehicles. Your vehicle's window can be smashed and your GPS stolen in less than 30 seconds.  Your GPS is usually programmed with your home address and if your garage door opener is also stolen from your vehicle, the thieves have easy access to your home.  Store your GPS in a secure location when not in use and get a garage door opener that fits on your key ring instead of one that clips on your visor. 

If your vehicle has been broken into, always call the Police to report it, including the vehicle details: make, model, year, colour, address of where the vehicle was located, time you left the vehicle, and what was stolen.  If your vehicle was parked in Richmond, call the Richmond RCMP non-emergency at 604 278-1212.

License Plate Theft
License plate theft is now a common occurrence. Plates are stolen and placed on other vehicles which are often used to commit other crimes.  Check your plates (front & back) daily, if your plates are missing or if they have been replaced with other plates, call the Richmond RCMP (non-emergency) 604-278-1212, the Police will give you a file number, take this file number along with your insurance documents and your identification (and your remaining plate) to any Autoplan Broker's office. Your Broker will provide you with a new set of license plates and new insurance documents for a fee.