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Personal and Home Safety

Home Safety

To view safety tips to help increase the security of your home, click on the different areas of this house (for mobile devices use the corresponding text links below):

Home Safety - House Image Map Lighting Windows Windows Windows Windows Doors Garages Garage Doors Windows Windows Landscape Doors and Peepholes Lighting Landscape Fence

Clickable areas on this house include: Other Tips:

Visit our Criminal Activities Maps  for an interactive web page where you can view Richmond neighbourhood maps for current crime summaries.  

If you arrive home and suspect a stranger is inside or if it appears someone has broken in, do not go inside - call 9-1-1 immediately.

To help improve the security of your home, use these downloadable and printable brochures in PDF format: 

PDF Document Residential Break and Enter Prevention Tips 2015
PDF Document Home Security Checklist
PDF Document Home Security Tips
PDF Document Apartment Condo Security Tips
PDF Document Home Photo Inventory for insurance purposes

Create an insurance inventory list of the items in your home. If you ever need to make an insurance claim, having a list may make the process easier. An easy way to make the list is to video each room in your home, including inside closets, cupboards, the garage (and shed). Zoom in on the make and model numbers for appliances, electronics and other expensive items. Update your video inventory at least once a year and store the recording somewhere outside your home.

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