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Personal and Home Safety

Bicycle Theft Prevention

How to Protect Your Bike from Theft

  • Lock up your bike, even if you are just stopping for a few minutes
  • Use a high-quality U-lock rather than a cable lock
  • Make sure the wheel and frame are locked up 
  • Look for something metal and large to lock it to
  • Bring your bike inside at night
  • Lock it to the middle of the bike rack instead of the end, so it is less visible to thieves
  • When you are out, lock it in a well-lit place where there is plenty of foot traffic
  • Register your bike!!

Free Bike Registration Events
Despite ongoing prevention and enforcement efforts, hundreds of bicycles are reported stolen to police in the City of Richmond every year with hundreds of others not reported to police. Often, stolen bikes are used by repeat offenders to commit secondary offences such as thefts from auto and break and enters.

Richmond RCMP recovers many bicycles each year as a result of pro-active policing efforts. City of Richmond personnel also recover many found bikes annually. Unfortunately, the majority of these bikes are never returned to their owners when they are reported stolen because the owners did not record the bike's serial number, making the bikes untraceable and identification of their rightful owners impossible. These bikes end up at auction. We would much rather prosecute bike thieves and return the bikes to their rightful owners.

The Richmond RCMP and the City of Richmond have teamed up with Project 529, a bike registry app. Our goal is to register every bike in the City of Richmond. Help us to #EndBikeTheft, please register your bike.

For 2017, Project 529 bicycle registrations will be available at 3 locations throughout Richmond. This service is provided at *no-cost*.

City Centre CPO (Community Police Office)
140-5671 No. 3 Road
Tuesdays from 1 pm to 3:30 pm
Thursdays from 9 am to 1 pm

South Arm CPO (Community Police Office)
8880 Williams Road
Tuesdays from 9 am to 12 pm

Steveston CPO (Community Police Office)
4371 Moncton Street
Fridays from 9 am to 12 pm

Registration is not available at the main Richmond RCMP Detachment. No appointment is required. Those interested will be required to
1. Bring their bike, and
2. Provide a valid email address

You can also purchase your own Project 529 registration kit at Village Bikes (Moncton St) or Caps Krusty's Bikes (Alexandra Rd), online at or To learn more about Project 529 visit

Please see the Richmond News recent article at

Richmond Project 529 Bike Registry Sticker