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Parking Tickets

School Zones

Community Safety and Bylaw Enforcement Around Schools
How can you help to Improve Traffic Conditions around Schools?
In BC almost 50% of all children are driven to school. By driving children to school, parent drivers may be creating dangerous traffic conditions around schools. To help create a safe traffic environment, leave your car at home and encourage children to walk or take transit to school.

Traffic control measures and regulations are in place to create safe conditions for all road users. Bylaw Enforcement Officers play an important role in the community by ensuring that all road users do their part to keep roads safe and it is with this in mind that the Community Bylaws Department has adopted a "NO NONSENSE" policy in regards to traffic safety in School Zones.

Bylaw Officers routinely attend school zones as part of their regular patrol and will issue tickets to drivers who are in violation of the traffic control devices. There is no tolerance for any safety infraction in a school zone.

A reward program is in place for drivers and students who obey the traffic control devices at their schools. You can contribute toward enhancing traffic safety for children and other road users by respecting all school zone traffic control measures and parking regulations.