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Emergency Response

Hazardous Materials Response

Richmond has a comprehensive    Dangerous Goods Spill Response Plan  that, coupled with the Pollution Prevention and Clean-Up Regulation Bylaw No. 7435, outlines the City's response to dangerous goods spills.  The plan was developed to ensure the safety of the City, its population and the surrounding environmentally sensitive areas.

Bylaw No. 7435 states the spiller/polluter is responsible for the costs associated with cleaning up the spill.  Where the spiller/polluter is not known, then the responsibility for clean up falls to the property owner where the spill occurred.

Richmond Fire-Rescue has principle responsibility for responding to emergency spills and has developed Hazmat response capability. Training and resources have been targeted toward response capability for the most common and likely types of scenarios that may occur, based on past trends and demographics.

Should the need arise, Richmond Fire-Rescue can support:

  • Richmond RCMP in drug-related removal matters;

  • BC Ambulance Service with mass casualty decontamination of patients prior to their admission to hospital; and

  • Mutual aid responses to our neighbouring Cities.

For non-emergency pollution spills, call the City of Richmond's Public Works Dispatch 24-hour line at 604-270-8721.

For emergency pollution spills, call 9-1-1.