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Environmental Health

Smoking Regulations

Richmond has a Non Smoking Bylaw in place. Smoking is not permitted in Public Places such as restaurants, pubs/bars, pool halls and retail establishments. Smoking in these establishments is only permitted in approved outdoor locations.

This Bylaw does not include Smoking in the Workplace since the WCB's Occupational Health and Safety Regulations covers these areas.  See City Bylaws for the Public Health Protection bylaw.

Owners of establishment who wish to have a smoking area approved in a public place, or anyone wishing to file a complaint,  must contact Environmental Health. For work sites, contact the Workers Compensation Board.

The Public Health Protection Bylaw is enforced by  the Environmental Health section of  Richmond Health Services.

Richmond Health Services is a Provincial Government Agency under the umbrella of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

Environmental Health Officers work with Tobacco Enforcement officers and retail outlets and young people to enforce the anti smoking bylaw and regulations preventing sales to minors.

For more information, contact:

Environmental Health (Richmond Health Services)
Phone: 604-233-3147
Fax: 604-233-3175

8100 Granville Avenue
Richmond B.C. V6Y 3T6