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Environmental Health


Construction noises and many other noises, not requiring police attention, are investigated by the Richmond Health Department during regular business hours or the next business day.

For more detailed information on the various types of noise complaints and procedures for submitting complaints please see Property Violations > Environmental Concerns > Noise.

Noise is regulated under the Noise Regulation Bylaw. See City Bylaws to download  a copy.

City bylaws do not regulate aviation noise.  Complaints concerning aviation noise or noise generated from the airport can be reported to the YVR Noise Information Complaint Line at 604-207-7097. See Airport Noise & the Community for more information.

The Public Health Protection Bylaw is enforced by  the Environmental Health section of  Richmond Health Services.

Richmond Health Services is a Provincial Government Agency under the umbrella of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

For more information, contact:

Environmental Health (Richmond Health Services)
8100 Granville Avenue
Richmond B.C. V6Y 3T6
Phone: 604-233-3147
Fax: 604-233-3175