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Food Inspections

Food Premises Regulations - all food premises including restaurants, food stores, food processors, butcher shops, bakeries and food storage facilities are inspected by the Richmond Health Department on a routine and unannounced basis.

Inspections are also carried out to follow-up on complaints such as suspected food poisonings, poor sanitation, unwholesome food and/or poor food handling. All inspection reports on restaurants can be reviewed on the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority Web Site at:

The Health Department is a section of  Richmond Health Services. Richmond Health Services is a Provincial Government Agency under the umbrella of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

For more information, contact:

Environmental Health (Richmond Health Services)
8100 Granville Avenue
Richmond B.C. V6Y 3T6
Phone: 604- 233-3147
Fax: 604-233-3175