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Disease Control

Mosquitoes and Rodents

The Health Department a division of Richmond Health Services is responsible for controlling rodents on City owned properties and provides a pest control service for rats and mice to residents. There is no fee for this service at this time. Call the number below for assistance.

The Health Department is also contracted by the City to carry out a nuisance mosquito control program on City owned land. The program includes monitoring and treatment of mosquito breeding sites along the Sturgeon Bank marshland and the City storm water ditch system. The Health Department also provides education and advice to the public regarding potential mosquito breeding sites on private lands.

The Health Department will also respond to complaints regarding other pests, such as fleas, cockroaches, or wasps, but control or elimination is the property owner's responsibility.

Activities that may create hospitable environments for mosquitos and rodents are regulated in Richmond under the Public Health Protection bylaw. See City Bylaws to download  a copy.

The Public Health Protection Bylaw is enforced by  the Environmental Health section of  Richmond Health Services.

Richmond Health Services is a Provincial Government Agency under the umbrella of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

For more information, contact:
Environmental Health (Richmond Health Services)
Phone: 604- 233-3147
Fax: 604-233-3175

8100 Granville Avenue
Richmond B.C. V6Y 3T6