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Child Care

Child Care Needs Assessment and Strategy

The City is currently updating its Child Care Needs Assessment and Strategy. Please see below for updates. 

Child doing craftsIn 2008, the City of Richmond, in recognition of the importance of early childhood education, conducted a comprehensive review and analysis of Richmond’s child care needs in order to forecast future needs for the period of 2009 and 2016. This resulted in the development of a comprehensive child care strategy and implementation plan that identified the role of various stakeholders (the City, child care providers, senior governments, employers, the School District, etc.)

The 2009-2016 Richmond Child Care Needs Assessment and Strategy recommend that the City and other stakeholders work together to address the need for quality, affordable, accessible child care spaces in Richmond. This will be accomplished by:

  • Prioritizing the development of child care spaces for school-age children and infant/toddler,
  • Continuing to identify priority child care needs and establish short term targets to address service needs, and
  • Monitoring provision of child care spaces and changes in community child care needs.

PDF Document 2009 – 2016 Richmond Child Care Needs Assessment and Strategy
Council Minutes from October 12, 2010

Child Care Needs Assessment and Strategy Update
The City of Richmond has completed a recent child care needs assessment which is being used to inform an updated child care strategy. This child care strategy will help shape the City’s future actions in its partnerships with senior governments and the private and non-profit sectors regarding support for child care services in Richmond.

Thank you to all of those who provided input into the 2017-2022 Richmond Child Care Needs Assessment. Further details will be released as they become more available.