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Child Care

Finding Child Care in Richmond

Child Care Subsidy: Families may be eligible for assistance with the cost of child care. Information about and applications for the BC Government Child Care Subsidy are available through the Child Care Resources & Referral Centre at 604-279-7020 or the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Licensed Child Care Programs Classifications
VCH Classification Maximum # of Children & Other Specifications
 Child Care provided In-Home
Family Child Care Maximum 7 children.
In-Home Multi Age Child Care The licensee must be an early childhood education and a maximum of 8 children (infants – 8 years old).
Group Child Care (All programs need to be run by early childhood educators and be located in a non-residential space).
Group Child Care - Under 36 months Maximum 12 children.
Group Child Care - 30 months to school age Maximum 25 children, with no more than 2 children younger than 36 months.
Group Child Care - School age (5-12 years) Care provided before and after school hours, a maximum of 30 children if all children are in grade 2 or higher (if there are children that are in preschool, kindergarten, or grade 1, the maximum is 24 children)
Preschool - 3 months to school age  Care provided for a maximum of 4 hours per day, with a maximum of 20 children.
Multi-age Child Care  Maximum 8 children. 

Resources for Finding Quality Child Care

  • Child Care Resource & Referral Centre – includes information about quality child care in Richmond. Trained staff can assist parents in choosing the right child care program for the child’s needs and will provide referrals to child care centres and updates lists of all licensed and registered child care providers in Richmond.
  • BC Ministry of Children and Family Development – Links to resources for parents including a Parents’ Guide to Selecting and Monitoring Child Care in BC.
Locating Licensed Child Care in Richmond
Child care locator imageThe Richmond Child Care Locator Developed with assistance from Vancouver Coastal Health, this easy-to-use map displays all licensed child care programs in Richmond as well as related contact information. The locator can be used on a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer.

RIM ImageThe Richmond Interactive Map allows users to search the geographic information system (GIS) for various informational layers including child care, zoning, parks, schools and community centres, etc. The map also helps users gain a better understanding of the neighbourhoods where each child care program is located.