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Social Planning

About Social Planning

Through the Community Services Division, the City provides policy directions that guide growth and change in Richmond. Social Planning is a key component  in the overall planning process.

Social planning, which is planning for the social wellbeing of the community, isMom and child photo undertaken by community groups, committees, service agencies and all levels of government. City Social Planning staff work with community members, advisory committees, stakeholder organizations, and government partners, based on their respective mandates, to further the social well-being of Richmond residents.

In carrying out this function, staff:

  • provide support, advice and information to a wide range of community organizations.
  • contribute leadership and facilitation in bringing together key people around a specific problem or issue.
  • make recommendations to Council regarding civic policy as it relates to a range of social issues and areas of concern, including seniors, child care, multicultural relations, gambling and similar topics, including advocacy to senior governments.

To learn more about the City’s role in Social Planning, visit:

  1. Policies, Plans and Strategies
  2. Work with Community
  3. Richmond Community Services Advisory Committee
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Lesley Sherlock
Social Planner
Community Social Development