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Lulu Awards for Urban Design

2011 Lulu Awards Winners

Awards for Urban Design
In the Commercial category
River Green Story Centre
Developed by Aspac Developments Ltd. and designed by James KM Cheng Architects Inc. The stunning building sits at the water’s edge with a unique relationship to the Richmond Olympic Oval and the waterfront plaza. The building was designed to be a destination restaurant and is currently being used in the interim as the River Green sales centre. When the building is used as a restaurant in the future, outdoor patio use spill outside and enhance the building’s unique site.

In the Industrial category
Hayden Drilling Supplies Ltd.
Developed by Hayden Drilling Supplies Ltd. and designed by Sanford Design Group. The two-storey industrial building was purpose built for a local manufacturing company. The project includes a high quality of design, materials and finishing for an industrial building. Attractive features include a corner architectural element, building articulation, water feature, and permeable paving in the parking area.

In the Innovative Approaches to Save Trees category
Developed by Centro Southwind Properties Ltd. and designed by Ito & Associates Inc. This 21-unit townhouse development includes an innovative approach to save five mature existing trees along the rear property line. The design incorporates terraced backyards at the trees. These large coniferous trees contribute to an established landscaping for the Shellmont neighbourhood.

In the Residential and Mixed-Use (Mid Rise) category
Developed by Cressey Development Group and designed by Rositch Hemphill and Associates Architects. The 5-storey concrete condominium project includes high quality design, materials and finishing. The project presents attractive streetscapes along Hemlock Drive, Katsura Street, and to the adjacent Katsura Neighbourhood Park. The project has an open courtyard amenity space located next to the park, which extends a larger sense of open green space.

In the Residential (Townhouse) category
Hennessy Green
Developed by Polygon Hennessy Green Development Ltd. and designed by Robert Ciccozzi Architecture Inc. This 92-unit townhouse project in the West Cambie Alexandria neighbourhood has transformed the streetscapes along No. 4 Road and Odlin Road with individual street oriented townhouses, front porches and gated front yards. The development includes a large open courtyard space, and an amenity building that provides an attractive view into the development from Odlin Road.

In the Residential and Mixed-Use (High-Rise) category
Paloma 2
Developed by Regent International Development Ltd. and designed by Integra Architecture Inc. This is an attractive high rise project, with architectural treatment that establishes a street level base and elegant tower. Careful detailing and high quality materials at the ground level provide a fit for this project into its prime commercial city centre context. The street is animated with continuous street level commercial space.

In the New Landscape Elements category
A Gateway Landscape, Vancouver International Airport
Developed by Vancouver International Airport Authority and designed by Sharp & Diamond Landscape Architecture Inc. This is a large and comprehensive enhancement project to the lands at the Vancouver International Airport. The project presents an attractive gateway entry to visitors arriving in Richmond by plane, and also those arriving by car over the Arthur Liang Bridge. The enhancement project includes landscaping, transportation and engineering components and extends from the Arthur Liang Bridge to the YVR airport terminal buildings, to the South terminal and to the Sea Island Conservation Area.

In the Public Open Space category
Garden City Community Park – Play Environment
Designed by space2place design inc. This innovative park design has won numerous awards, and was created in collaboration with community members and elementary school students. The vision for this park was to create a place where children could use all five of their senses and enjoy nature. The play environment at Garden City Park has changed the way parks are planned, designed, and constructed and provides residents and visitors with an extraordinary outdoor place that is unique within the city, and perhaps even the local region.

Congratulations to all the winners