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Land Use & Zoning

Zoning and Development

Zoning is one of the ways the City of Richmond regulates land use to ensure that compatible land uses are located in appropriate areas. The use of land, buildings, and structures in the City is regulated through the City’s Zoning Bylaw.

All properties in the City have a legal zoning classification that specifies the uses or activities that can take place on that property, the types of buildings allowed, along with other regulations controlling such items as building size, building height, building and structure siting, off-street parking requirements, landscaping as well as other requirements. 

Prior to starting any construction or changing the use of a property, the property zoning should be checked to ensure the zoning classification will permit the proposed changes.

Zoning Map and Zoning Bylaw
On this site, Zoning information must be obtained from two sources. First find the property in the Richmond Interactive Map. You can search by address or other property identifiers. The property will be highlighted in the map and property details will display, as well as a link to the appropriate section of our Zoning Bylaw.

Zoning information can be found in the Zoning Bylaw 8500. You may also want to view the Official Community Plan which provides the City’s long-term vision and acts as a the blueprint for guiding land use decisions. To view Zoning Classifications on a City Map refer to the Richmond Interactive Map (RIM). 
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The administration of Zoning bylaw and policies is the responsibility of the Planning & Development Department.

Specific inquiries on zoning may be addressed through the Zoning Clerk in the Customer Services Division at City Hall.

Development Applications
The Development Applications Division is responsible for processing land development applications in the City, including Rezoning, Development Permit, Development Variance Permit and Temporary Use Permit applications.

Development Applications are received by the Zoning Clerk through the Customer Services Centre a section of the Corporate Services Division responsible for Front of House customer services at City Hall.

Development Application information is located in the Building and Development section of this website. See Development Permit Guide, Rezoning Guide, Subdivision Guide for information on these development applications.